Design / Consult

Sometimes The First Step Is The Hardest...

If you already have a contractor or you plan on doing some or most of the work yourself Basement Detective offers complete design and consulting services to get you on your way. Our experienced techs can answer your questions and simplify the process for you!

A quick glance to the image below shows some of the odd angles and limited spaces that a typical basement can comprise. We are used to creating useful ideas into affordable, practical and lasting solutions for your home office or new living space. Usages, permits and limitations may vary from location to location and from county to county and we are more than pleased to help you navigate the options.

In all honesty, the design and consult is the fun part of the installation process:
Meeting new homeowners excited for a new living space or home office.
Finding usable and enjoyable solutions to tough spots and limited spaces.
Addressing moisture, damp and even flooding problems before work starts.

It’s a work we love to do!

[They] visited us NO LESS than 4 times before work even began to sketch out ideas and work with us on what we were looking for.

— C. & M. TIGHE