Finishing & Remodeling

Finishing & Remodeling

We are currently not offering basement finishing or remodeling.

Got an unfinished basement that you want to turn into an office, gym, or even a rental unit?

Basement Detective specializes in keeping basements dry and healthy! Once this is accomplished, we can finish a new space or remodel an existing one.

Our techs are glad to explain to you how your project can be completed neatly and in short order or in stages. We schedule the work according to your timeframe and budget!

We couldn’t have been happier with the professionalism, quality, and customer service that was offered by Basement Detective.


Basement Egress

Create legal access from a living basement space to the outside world for fire safety.

Basement Remodeling

Take an area that is already finished and repurpose it. Changes it into a whole new space. A little money can go a long way if done with some really good planning!

Basement Finishing

Take your existing unfinished space and transform it into a new finished area. This can carry numerous benefits that include increasing the home’s value, providing a tax deductible place to run a business, or creating a place for the kids to play safely.

Design / Consult

For the DIY-inclined, Basement Detective can provide you with a design and or consult with you on performing your own basement project. This service carries a flat square footage fee and is recouped should you opt to have Basement Detective perform the work.