Basement Assessment

To repair your home, or learn what courses of action are needed to for your specific problem, just follow these steps:
1. Schedule a time with a technician by calling 855 very dry, or call 703 684 0860. If you prefer to include images or further notes, you may also notify us via email at
2. Meet with one of our technicians. Assessing your problem should not take much more than 20-40 minutes. Proposals are either emailed or done in person, based on the technicians schedule that day. (Upon meeting with the technician, try to have the problem areas exposed as much as possible both inside and outside the home. Homeowners move the knick knacks, we’ll move the heavy stuff)
3. Contract and schedule your work. After consideration when you are ready to have us perform your work simply contact either your technician (they will leave you contact info), or the main office at 703 684 0860.
4. Getting installation details. All details regarding scheduling, crews, completion times are managed by the main office. If you have any questions let us know at 703 684 0860.
5. Let others know!
We pride ourselves on providing homeowners with intelligent, and affordable solutions. We love helping people!