Grading Solutions


When a home yard is not slopped away from the foundation water will not efficiently drain away from the foundation walls. This can lead to situations as light as surface water pooling in the low point of the yard and creating a muddy spot in the grass.
On the extreme side, over-damped soil and improper drainage systems can cause the walls of the home to soak in moisture and without proper drainage away from the home (requiring slope), there is no chance the walls will dry easily on their own sitting in wet soil.

Proper yard grading away from the home’s foundation is more than just good building design, it is good for long term foundation health. This is why, where possible, redirecting and keeping water away from your foundation is always the most ideal approach. Yet, reliably and efficiently doing so can be a tricky matter. Often there is not sufficient natural slope or there are major obstructions too impractical to maneuver.

It is important to understand when approaching an often difficult scenario is that “stopping water” is a lot more difficult than water diversion. With the aid of proper exterior grading, drain pipes with landscaping fabric, and swales will ensure that the water runs away from your home instead of standing against it and increasing hydrostatic pressure.

These types of problems are areas of proven excellence for Basement Detective.

One of the greatest assets that we possess as an award winning premier waterproofing company is a versatility to our approach. There is no “one size fits all” solution to protecting your home. Whether it is digging a trench around a portion of your foundation, installing french drain systems, foundation sealing with a waterproof membrane, retaining walls to divert water flows, or even treating a basement floor by installing a subfloor sump pump the techs at Basement Detective will find you the best custom-fit solution.

Our experienced field techs will evaluate your property and explain exactly what they see and what options you have for repair. Often, problems that appear huge are actually quite simple to resolve once put to paper by a drainage professional. Our job is to provide affordable and reliable options that are right for you! And we have many years of doing so successfully under our belt.

To determine what options your home has in regards to yard slope or lack of grading, call us to schedule a free inspection with a Basement Detective technician (703) 684-0860.

The technician arrived and walked us though the basement while explaining signs and specific details that are needed for our specific basement and layout. He listened well to our comments and answered all our questions. Left us with a specific plan and drawing with quotes for the services. Gave no pressure to sell us the job.