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Basement Detective provides water management-waterproofing, and mold remediation and removal services.

Our proven leak prevention methods stop basement water seepage, leaks and floods as well as eliminate or greatly reducing any mold or mildew smells.

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Our Lifetime "NO LEAK" warranty is unmatched.

Basement Detective technicians are highly trained and experienced in finding and determining the source of even the hardest leaks and determining to what degree they are affecting a home. How moisture levels or a specific leak is impacting a basement or crawlspace can be quite specific to each building. We have built a reputation on evaluating to what degree moisture affects homes. Save yourself the worry- call Basement Detective today!

While it is always safer to have a Basement Detective determine these risks, there are things homeowners and property managers can do themselves. First, floods can happen in basements even without obvious signs of water damage or high moisture penetration (another good reason to have a Basement Detective take a look). But barring these situations, look for signs of water stains everywhere. In unfinished basements, look near exterior doors, underground windows ledges, at the bottoms of both column footers and the floor wall edge. Gently pulling back carpet in corner areas that are on exterior walls will often reveal evidence of moisture. Causes of moisture should be fairly obvious if traced to the source. If the source is plumbing, address that with a plumber. If the source is not obvious, call Basement Detective.

Without adequate drainage, ground water pressure can become disastrous to most any foundation wall. And so it is that all foundations need to have adequate drainage. Relieving water pressure from foundations by draining them properly is always the best course of action. If your home’s foundation is leaking, sweating, or showing any signs of water penetration, call Basement Detective. Unfortunately finishing materials such as insulation and drywall can make these assessments difficult for homeowners and general contractors. This is rarely a problem for Basement Detective’s highly experienced technicians.

The potential source causes of interior mold and mildew smells are numerous. Nonstop mold or mildew smells are often a sign of a persistent problem such as: damp or stagnant air, condensation from the ground or air conditioning units, plumbing leaks, insufficient ventilation,  and more. If there are moldy or mildew smells in a home, there is surely a problem that needs addressing as build up of mold and mildew can damage personal items, building materials, and is very commonly unhealthy besides. Discovering the source of these problems and all hard to find smells and sources of mold or moisture is a well practiced specialty of Basement Detective. Call us and get on the high road of repair!

Regarding winning the fight against mold and mildew smells, Basement Detective is a regional heavyweight!!

Some causes for this could be (among other things): an old sump pump that needs replacing, a stuck lever or cord, or inadequate drainage to or from the sump well. Call our offices to see if we can give you a simple answer to your exact situation. If not, we can schedule a technician to evaluate the situation in person. It’s Free!

Most critters access the basement from above the foundation wall where the concrete and wood meet. And while the presence of pests in a basement is not always a sign of water, the presence of water in a basement will likely invite critters.

Our favorite question!! For the property owner’s sake, we always want to see water problems in unfinished basements. Even a little water can do a lot of damage in a finished space.

We see a lot of damaged renovations that could have been prevented easily with some careful measures. It is a disheartening ordeal to see homeowners experience such loses. Everyone finishing or renovating a basement would be greatly served by having one of our technicians take a look. We are always willing to give homeowners things they can do themselves to manage their water issues if the situation calls for it. We pride ourselves on providing sturdy, reliable, and affordable solutions.

No ''One Size Fits All'.' Never Cookie Cutter.

Whether you’re remodeling, finishing, or just inspecting, our basement and foundation water leak detectives can help!

  • ANGIE’S LIST SERVICE AWARD WINNERS 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Basement Detective offers complete waterproofing and basement finishing services. Our proven waterproofing and water management methods completely stop basement water seepage, leaking, and flooding.

We will thoroughly inspect to discover the root cause of the problem, and we can repair most leaks within a week! Thanks to our highly trained staff, Basement Detective has a stellar consumer record, which means peace of mind that your job will be completed on time and to your satisfaction.

We service the following counties in Virginia and Maryland (and many points beyond):

Alexandria City, Arlington, Fairfax County and Fairfax City, Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford, Montgomery, Prince George’s. Not sure if we service your area? Call us! We’re glad to offer another reliable contractor that will service that area.

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  • ~K. Legrand

    From the first contact by phone to the day on which the work was completed, Basement Detective was top notch. [They were] especially helpful in walking us through in evaluating the problem, identifying the options to address it, and then providing the time and cost estimate.

    ~K. Legrand
  • ~S. Smith

    [T]he team from Basement Detective [was] great to work with. They came in, diagnosed our problem, offered a couple of solutions, and once we chose a solution they were thorough and completed the work on time. They answered all of our questions and we would recommend them highly. Anthony the owner visited our house several times during the work and understood our concerns and we could tell he really cared.

    ~S. Smith
  • ~A. Hinkle

    The technician arrived and walked us though the basement while explaining signs and specific details that are needed for our specific basement and layout. He listened well to our comments and answered all our questions. Left us with a specific plan and drawing with quotes for the services. Gave no pressure to sell us the job.

    ~A. Hinkle
  • ~J. Dunphy

    We couldn't have been happier with the professionalism, quality, and customer service that was offered by Basement Detective.

    ~J. Dunphy
  • ~C. & M. Tighe

    [They] visited us NO LESS than 4 times before work even began to sketch out ideas and work with us on what we were looking for.

    ~C. & M. Tighe
  • ~S. Mattingly

    All of the folks on [the] team were polite, conscientious and did a great job… We are very happy with the work and everything looks great!

    ~S. Mattingly
  • ~C. & M. Tighe

    The workers were INCREDIBLY meticulous (even the carpenter) with their work and cleanup.

    ~C. & M. Tighe
  • ~C. Ham

    During the initial assessment, they explained why we were experiencing water collection in our basement and thoroughly described their recommendation to resolve.

    ~C. Ham
  • ~S. Clark

    They were VERY fair in pricing and the end job was nothing less than superb. Oh yeah, they also showed up a week earlier than scheduled! ...If I had a second house needing a dry basement- these would be my go-to guys! Thanks, Basement Detective.

    ~S. Clark