Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Guaranteed Solutions For Your Waterproofing Needs

Basement Detective can now look back over many years of leaky basements and drainage system installations without further leaks or water damage: french drains, exterior yard drains, drainage swales and landscape management, and numerous waterproofing system designs. We have won numerous awards over the years and are known as specialists. From Richmond VA to Baltimore MD we are the company that gets the job done right.

Why the variation? It all comes down to what is right for each house. Yes, sometimes the budget is a factor. And really, when isn’t it? This isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend money on a home and we fully respect that. Less enjoyable are “wet basement problems.”

You can be fully assured that whatever solutions we recommend, as a Basement Detective customer you will receive the best waterproofing contractor in the area, and a dry basement to boot!

So call us now at (703) 684-0860 for a free estimate and let us take a closer look at what it will take to get your specific waterproofing solution done correctly the first time.

It all starts with a highly trained and experienced technician and a thorough inspection of your home. Once one of our inspectors has had a good look at your exact situation and has inspected your home’s basement walls, basement floors, and the exterior foundation it is then possible to arrive at practical solutions for repair.

Exterior digging and sealing of the foundation’s walls and the installation of yard drainage is often the most desirable and expected approach to fixing a leaking basement. It is a job we at Basement Detective have now done to a level of mastery.

Once the property has been inspected and reliable design and plan for drainage have been created your project manager will then create a formal drawing of the scope of work. Once we have the go-ahead from the homeowner the job will proceed like clockwork. There is a lot of planning to manage an exterior drainage project and Basement Detective makes it look easy!

Interior drainage systems are also a common approach to fixing basement leaks and Basement Detective has innovated many designs and approaches that have given our customers award-winning peace of mind and reliable dry basements for over a decade!

Leaking basement windows, or doors? Yeah, we can fix that, no problem! Wet floor and walls? We can drain them properly. Wet carpet?

When we are done we will gladly direct you to the nearest carpet store. You can rest assured you will be dry when we are done!

Common leaks we see: egress windows, doors and windows, patio door leaks, plumbing leaks, bathroom leaks, broken sump pump, foundation leaks, floor leaks from hydrostatic pressure, wet crawl space, townhouse partition leaks. We have fixed all of these. Many of these are easily fixed some require more advanced solutions beyond simple waterproofing products, some are quite involved.

We make it easy for you!

From the initial inspection to the final clean up our experts keep your home a top priority.

It is true, the bidding process for basement or foundation repairs can lead to conflicting and often very unpredictable opinions and ideas.

At Basement Detective, we only offer solutions that have withstood decades of reliability. In our business, there is no room for failure or crafty ideas. We do what works! Our techs advise you of all of your options so you can make a fully educated decision and make the right decision for your home long term.

From the first contact by phone to the day on which the work was completed, Basement Detective was top notch. [They were] especially helpful in walking us through in evaluating the problem, identifying the options to address it, and then providing the time and cost estimate.


We specialize in the following water management and foundation repairs: