Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold Assessment BannerDoes Your Home Need Mold Remediation?

Remediation definition: the diagnosis and work of remedying a problem specific to reverse or stop a trauma.

The presence of mold in a house can often spark anxiety in homeowners, and for understandable reasons. Not simply because of the worry of exposure or mold allergies, but the unknown underlying cause, and the concern that if it’s not addressed, the problem will likely reoccur.

As a homeowner, It’s helpful to understand a few things about mold.

Molds can grow but require steady dampness, dew like condensation (like a hot shower creates), or actual water. Mold also requires a particular indoor environment and an organic product to grow and multiply. Mold loves water damage, and organic materials like cardboard (keep cardboard off the floor), paper (the main ingredient in drywall), soft untreated woods, cotton, bedding, books, or any natural organic plant materials. Considering these facts most mold growth in homes will often have a fairly apparent cause and presentation.

Some people have a higher sensitivity to mold and the presence of mold spores (including black mold) can lead to adverse health problems and allergic reactions. Keeping your home clean and dry will significantly decrease the growth and effect of mold. However, in many cases, it isn’t as simple as running the air conditioner or trying to control moisture with the aid of a dehumidifier. It is not uncommon for the source of the indoor mold to tied directly to the dampness of your basement walls.

At Basement Detective we are experts at rooting out and solving tough mold problems. Whether you have a simple hard to remove the persistent smell or full-blown floor to ceiling mold build-up from a major flood or leak we can help.

Here are some steps to take to assist with a good result and a quick return to a happy clean home.

Step 1: Make a shortlist of what you have observed with a rough time table and limit your mold exposure.

Step 2: Contact Basement Detective 703-684-0860 and set up your free estimate. We can sometimes help with simple problems over the phone. If not, we can schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained technicians.

Step 3: Your Basement Detective technician will arrive and go over your problem with you to determine the root cause of your issue.

Step 4: The technician will then explain the cause of the problem and will carefully explain the recommendations and services required to repair and undergo mold removal. With your approval, they will then offer a bid/proposal to have the work performed. Sometimes the solutions are things homeowners, or other tradespeople or handy persons can easily perform and so Basement Detective will not always bid all projects.

Should you accept our proposal and choose to work with us you can rest assured you will receive the best service with careful service people that will treat your home like their own.

Step 5: Relax knowing you are with one of the best mold remediation companies in the area. We will ensure that the root cause is fixed and that the issue won’t return.

Basement Detectives are experts at diagnosing, assessing, and fixing many various source causes. If you need us we are here to help 703-684-0860.

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Schedule your consultation today!

Simply complete the form. Please be sure to provide a cell phone so that we can reach you directly.