Basement Remodeling

We are currently not offering basement finishing or remodeling.

Remodeling an existing basement can be a challenging proposal. If there are previously finished sections it is sometimes hard to visualize the potentials of the finished product. Also failed attempts by previous homeowners and or contractors is sadly something we see too much of. Making sense of these factors and remediating them affordably is where a Basement Detective technician can be a giant help. We are highly trained in remodeling basements that have undergone previous finishing attempts.
We often start with the homeowners desire for use and go from there. Ease of use, lighting, level of comfort facilities such as bathrooms, access to outside, maybe a kitchen area are considered.

With Basement Detective a basement remodel can be a fun and rewarding investment.

We will always make sure your home is protected against the threat of basement leaks or floods. We are, after all, specialist in preventing basement leaks and floods. We often see situations where all of that new wood, drywall, carpeting, and more is ruined by water leaks and or mold problems from poor design.

Choose Basement Detective and choose peace of mind and the ultimate level of savings by safeguarding your investment from future loss or rebuild.


All of the folks on [the] team were polite, conscientious and did a great job… We are very happy with the work and everything looks great!